Chateau Chillon on Lac Leman in Switzerland

Castle Chilon on Lake Geneva with blue water and blue skies

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d get to see the breathtaking Swiss Alps. Who knew it would be complete with a fairy tale castle?! Our train ride through the Italian Alps toward Paris took us through Switzerland and afforded a spectacular view of the Chateau Chillon on Lac Leman (Lake Geneva).

Alpine vineyards flew past the windows on our train from Milan to Paris. Taking the scenic route through Stresa and Domodossola allowed us to soak up the same Northern Italian sun that ripens the Piedmont region’s glorious Barbera variety. I loved watching hillside vineyards roll with the curves of the land.

Heading west through the Alps and into Switzerland, the view soon opened up to the spectacular Lake Geneva. The perfect blend of blues danced through the sky and water – cerulean, azure, cyan, and even a touch of periwinkle.

Castle Chillon on Lac Leman with blue water and blue skies

I couldn’t believe my eyes when a castle appeared on the horizon. An actual, European castle. I had done little research about this leg of our journey, opting instead to take the delightful surprises as they came. It was simply wonderful. I framed the orange-roofed Chateau Chillon on Lac Leman amongst the complimentary blues and captured this breathtaking view with the same camera that I normally use for Real Estate photos.

This image is so calming to me. The myriad of blue hues combined with the orange topped towers of the castle create my favorite complimentary color combination. Aqua and Orange – perfect.  Such a relaxing vista. Chateau Chillon is a perfect addition to your quiet reading nook.

I think it looks particularly fabulous as a large 40×60 acrylic print. You can order your own castle view HERE.Large acrylic print of European castle Chateau Chilon on Lake Geneva hanging over a white couch


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