Sunrise on Reelfoot Lake, Earthquake Lake of Tennessee

Sunrise on Reelfoot Lake

Sunrises are my favorite times to photograph, especially of a sunrise at Reelfoot Lake located in northwestern Tennessee. I made this photograph one summer morning. I got out of my camper and grabbed my camera gear, hoping for a good sunrise. It happened!

Sunrise Art Print featuring the photograph Sunrise on Reelfoot Lake by James Richardson
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What and Where is Reelfoot Lake?

Reelfoot Lake is known as the “Earthquake Lake” because it was formed by massive earthquakes in 1811 and 1812. So great were the earthquakes that the Mississippi River, which feeds the area, flowed backwards and filled the holes created by those earthquakes. As a result the lake formed and has become a great place to fish, hunt, camp, and photograph. The abundant cypress trees make excellent habitat for migratory waterfowl and wading birds. Bald eagles come to roost in the cypress trees during the winter months of December through March to raise their young. There are several nesting pairs that make Reelfoot Lake their permanent home. Eagle watching tours are a popular way to see the national bird in its natural habitat.

Reelfoot Lake is in the northwestern corner of the state of Tennessee near the Mississippi River. It is encircled by a state park with the same name and by a couple national wildlife refuges, where waterfowl (ducks and geese), wading birds (like the egrets and herons), make their winter home. Pontoon boat tours take visitors around the lake for more wildlife viewing. I especially enjoy photographing the cypress trees in every season.

This framed photograph of a Sunrise on Reelfoot Lake would make a pleasing addition to a great room or bedroom.

This is how Sunrise on Reelfoot Lake would look over a sofa


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