Visiting Lisbon – Portugal

25 De Abril Bridge by Micah Offman

Visiting Lisbon – Portugal

I’ve decided to spend some time in Lisbon and by now I learned how this great city lives and breathes.

The Belem Tower

If you visiting Lisbon arriving by the ocean the first thing you meet is this tower.

Belem Tower - Micah Offman
The Belem Tower today, as in the 16th-century when it was built, is a fortress and a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon but, nevertheless, a stunning example of Renaissance architecture style called Manueline, typical of this country.

That evening I decided to wait for the sunset to take pictures. When the tourists leave and the sky is tinged with reddish colors… aware that, having only a T-Shirt, the cold of the night would have cost me a cold.

25 De Abril Bridge

Continuing up the river mouth, to reach the city, we meet the huge bridge of 25 de Abril.
Here people are proud to say that, this bridge has a brother in San Francisco, even though I don’t think they ever saw it.

25 De Abril Bridge - Micah Offman

The weird thing is that they built the railway layers, which is located below the road level, some years after the highway was complete and operative.

The Vertical City

Now we have arrived in Lisbon.
I’ve taken this shot to shows where the castle of Sao Jorge is from the opposite hill. So, now you can have an idea of ​​the pathway.Sao Jorge View - Micah Offman

The city expands on continuous ups and downs, long stairs and steep descents, consequently, I call it the vertical city.
To move around Lisbon, elevators, escalators and other public transports are essential. But if you really want to know what is hidden in these alleys, you have no choice: you have to walk!

However, if you want to reach the Castle there are tricks and this video shows how:

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