Edinburgh in autumn

Edinburgh in autumn The Ramsay Garden by Micah Offman

Edinburgh in autumn

Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, is a major tourist attraction.
The number of tourists is one and a half times the inhabitants during the summer festival. In December it is all sold out for Christmas and Hogmanay reveling.
Edinburgh in autumn is a time of respite, in other words, the best time to look around calmly.

I like to take pictures when the sun has just dropped, exactly when the reddish glow of the lights have the same intensity as the sky.

Edinburgh, a view from the North Bridge

This image has of the castle in the background, preceded by the Assembly Hall and Museum on the Mound. It’s my view of Edinburgh in autumn from the North Bridge.

Edinburgh in autumn - Market Street - Micah Offman

On the sidewalk of North Bridge, there is a metal plate with the camera icon and all the Japanese tourists line up their feet for their ministerial shoot exactly that point.
But I’m a renegade, so my pic shows Market Street from the opposite side of the recommended place.

The Ramsey Garden

The most photographed place in Edinburgh is probably Princes Street, nevertheless, original views still can be found.
Only in the fall, we can see the opposite bastion, when the markets are absent, the Ferris wheel has not yet been mounted and the trees are bare.
Princes Street is actually the only public place where the Ramsey Garden is visible, a place that looks like fairytale houses, a place where an apartment costs a fortune.

Edinburgh in autumn - The Ramsay Garden - Micah Offman

These delightful houses are restorations of old buildings in the Castlehill area. They are distinguished by the exterior red and white harled ashlar, and by their prominent position looking at this small valley.

The Scottish Parliament

Edinburgh is a capital, so it has its own parliament. How do you imagine the Scottish Parliament building? Maybe austere and dark? Instead, it is exactly the opposite!
There are many examples in the city of ultra-modern constructions and the parliament is one of the best.

The Thinking Rooms Micah Offman

My photo shows the backside, probably the least known. People call Thinking Rooms this array of small studies. It’s where politicians close themselves to thinking what to do against … the hated English parliament.
This postmodern work is by the Catalan architect Enric Miralles and, personally, I like it very much. I took this picture with the midday sun because I like the flare.

More Pubs than Churches

Venite Adoremus - Micah Offman

Edinburgh is full of churches but the number continues to decline for a simple reason: they are converted into art exhibitions, weird apartments or, more commonly, in pubs.

My photo shows the excellent result obtained in this case. The music is live and the beer flows!

I could not resist adding the phrase in Latin, however, I can testify, Scotland is the best country in the world for beers.

Thank you so much for reading this!

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