Colorful houses, a magical hidden alley in Burano, Italy

Colorful houses in the photograph "Hidden Magical Alley" by Eduardo José Accorinti

Colorful houses hidden in a magical alley, the dreamlike Italian city called Burano

Colorful houses in the photograph "Hidden Magical Alley" by Eduardo José Accorinti
Click on the image to see how you can make this fairytale alley part of your life as a fine art print for your home or office, a touch of color for your walls

These picturesque colorful houses were hidden in a magical alley of this incredible city in Italy called Burano, near Venice. It´s a fantastic place to explore, but you really need to be careful… Why do I tell you this? Well, because I have been about to miss this fairytale scene, just for being in an unnecessary hurry! Here is the story:

Sometimes you just have to slow down

Travel photographers often find ourselves running behind our travel companions. You don´t like to keep people waiting, so you try to be kind and walk just behind them trying to take as many memorable photographs as you can. And that was exactly my situation the day I took this image. I was looking around while walking fast trying to reach my fellows, almost running. I saw this scene to my right, but I looked forward again and kept walking. It took a second for my brain to process the data, then I suddenly stopped and looked to my right again. I had been about to miss that beautiful scene for nothing. I took the picture. That´s the story behind it. So let´s do some recap: next time you´re taking photographs, be careful not to be too kind! Let the others run if they want to 🙂

A city to explore

This is like a fairytale, dreamlike scene to my eyes. The colorful houses and buildings with vibrant tones are all around in this amazing city, yet this is a pretty unique view. This narrow alley with flowers and hanging clothes is probably one of the most representative of the magic of this town. No doubt the hanging clothes add so much magic into the scene, so I could say I was in the right place, at the right time!

Burano is a place you want to explore, same as Venice. There must be a moment when you just save the maps in your pocket when you´re there. If you want to take note of important places throughout the city and visit them, that´s perfectly right. But before or after doing so, you need to take a moment to explore the city. I think that´s the true charm of Burano and Venice. They both are cities to get lost in their streets, to walk expecting to find another unique scene around every corner.

It´s so easy to abuse maps today, specially with our mobile phones, so save your hand map or phone in your pocket and get lost into this hidden italian jewel. Just make sure you have the map with you when you want to come back!

Two faces of the same coin

Burano is similar to Venice, because it has the islands separated by canals and connected by bridges. The obvious difference is in the architecture. The buildings are much more modern, and that alone makes the city less nostalgic and romantic. Don´t misunderstand me, this doesn´t necessary mean that this place is not so magical. I think it´s a different kind of magic, Burano being a more vibrant city and talking more about a happy, energetic present. On the other hand, Venice is more related to the nostalgia and romance of the past. Two cities that are absolutely complementary to each other in my opinion, like two faces of the same coin.

If you visit Venice, you´ll probably end up visiting Burano too. And you absolutely should, by all means, because you don´t want to miss the magic! 🙂 To go there, you can take the vaporetto (water bus) from Fondamenta Nuove or San Zaccaria stations in Venice. From there, you will be in Burano in around 30 or 45 minutes. It is a very enjoyable experience with many scenic views. And if you have the time, you should visit Murano too! You can visit both islands in one single day, and the same vaporetto will take you to both of them, being Murano first.

A touch of magic for your walls

Colorful houses in "Hidden Magical Alley" poster by Eduardo José Accorinti
A colorful poster, isn´t it?

These colorful houses are available in customizable prints for your home or office decor! You can get yours on paper, canvas, acrylic, metal or wood. It is also available to be printed onto several other items such as phone cases, spiral notebooks, shower curtains and more, so you can get a pretty unique gift for your friends or family 🙂 Click on the image above to see your options, or visit my gallery of Burano to find more images of this amazing corner of the world. You can visit any of my other collections too.

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I think this hidden view and its colorful houses deserve to be part of some challenges, so I posted it in Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Vibrant Colors and Weekly prompts: Right Place Right Time.

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