Cruise to Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Sunrise by Connor Beekman

“Cruise to Cabo San Lucas” by Connor Beekman

The hot sun shines down on a rocky hillside dotted with cacti and shrubs, while a plain blue sky spans above the arid landscape. Fewer than ten inches of rain fall each year in this desert environment, and temperatures can climb to 100 degrees Fahrenheit at almost any time of year.

The same hot sun shines down on a vivid blue ocean, which sparkles in response. The seascape is dotted with everything from fishing boats to yachts, pirate ships to cruise ships. Toward the horizon, a mighty humpback whale leaps from the water before crashing into the vast blue sea.

The ocean and the desert seem like two completely different worlds. Exact opposites. But there is a place where the arid landscape and vivid seascape come together in perfect harmony, a place called Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

El Arco by Connor Beekman
“El Arco”, the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas

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In March 2018 I had the amazing opportunity to take a cruise to Cabo San Lucas with my family. The Ruby Princess cruise ship departed from Los Angeles and sailed a thousand miles down the coast of the Baja California peninsula. It was a short, five-day cruise with just one port.

It was a warm afternoon as the ship approached the southern tip of the peninsula. As we neared Cabo San Lucas, I could see the luxurious houses and hotels, both along the beach and perched atop the rocky cliffs. The sandy beaches, gorgeous water, and warm weather made it easy to understand why so many people wish to visit or live here.

Cliffs of Cabo San Lucas by Connor Beekman
The coastline of Cabo, viewed from the cruise ship

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Cruise ships that arrive in Cabo San Lucas anchor themselves about a mile from the shoreline. To reach land, passengers disembark from the ship onto small tender boats that make frequent trips between the ship and the docks. This is necessary because the port of Cabo San Lucas is too small and shallow for large ships.

For my family, the main event in Cabo was whale watching. We went out onto the water in a speedboat that carries about 30 people. The ride was bumpy at times, but very fun! We were fortunate to see quite a few humpback whales, including a mother with her calf. The whales were not particularly active, however. They would come to the surface to release water from their blowhole before diving back down in search of food. As a result, I didn’t get any impressive photos of the whales. But that’s okay. Sometimes it’s best to simply enjoy the moment and not worry about getting the perfect shot.

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After our whale watching excursion, we spent some time exploring the town. Cabo San Lucas has a fun and lively atmosphere. Numerous shops and restaurants are located just steps away from the water. There’s no shortage of places to enjoy local food, have some drinks, or buy a souvenir. There is also a path that follows the perimeter of the marina, which makes for a pleasant stroll.

I had a great experience in Cabo San Lucas. It was a wonderful time spent with family, and a much-needed break from my busy school-life back home. Additionally, I captured some nice photos to add to my collection. Cabo San Lucas is a place that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys warm weather, activities on the water, and the fun food and music of Mexico.

Emerald Deck by Connor Beekman
Framed print of the image, “Emerald Deck”

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  1. Gorgeous scenery, photography and post. I have been there many years ago too, but I only had a small PS camera.

  2. What an amazing place. Definitely would like to visit there. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing

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