Fish Drying in Salvage Newfoundland

Fish Drying Salvage Newfoundland by Tatiana Travelways

Fish drying in Salvage Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Fish Drying in Salvage Newfoundland by Tatiana Travelways

This is another photo from Salvage Newfoundland, that to me was a photographers paradise – a scenic place with so much to see… Same kind of overcast day as in my lobster fishing boat image: clouds and stormy-like light which I love a lot because of the subtle tones…

Fish drying gives rural people of Newfoundland comfort in the winter months

Cut fish for the winter in Salvage, NFL

The fishermen in Salvage often dry salted cod in plain air, sun and wind, by the ocean. – You may think it’s not sanitary but the concentrated salt keeps all the germs away. They are not even attacked by flies if the fish is properly prepared. And the Salvage-ans (if I can call them so), and Newfoundland fishermen know how to do it.

It looks like the methods of fish drying in Salvage Newfoundland vary from one fisherman to another… Here for example the cod is not laying on fishing nets, but hangs from ropes, above the water…Well, they know what they are doing 🙂

I just loved to photograph this row of hanging fish.

Hanging Fish To Dry In Salvage Newfoundland by Tatiana Travelways

And here is a proud Salvage fisherman showing a huge cod fish cleaned and ready to be salted and dried for the winter

Proud Fisherman Art Print featuring the photograph Proud Fisherman In Salvage, Newfoundland by Tatiana Travelways

Yes, what I like most is to take documentary travel photography. I think however that I also got some interesting patterns and textures here 🙂

If you like Newfoundland and find this lifestyle unique and interesting, you can have these images printed for your wall. They are available in my collection at Fine Art America. Just click on them to see more information on sizes and prices.

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  1. I’ve had cod but never salted dried cod. I enjoyed learning a little about Salvage village.

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