Italian Piazza with Laundry

Italian Piazza with Laundry by Carolyn Jarvis

An Italian piazza is a town square. It is often surrounded by cafes, restaurants and stores. And sometimes there is a church, a statue or a fountain. A piazza is enjoyable because there are often markets and musicians.Italian Piazza with Laundry by Carolyn Jarvis“Italian Piazza with Laundry,” was painted after an Italian vacation. I often saw laundry hanging from windows.

Many enjoyable activities take place in the piazza. People go to the piazza to visit and eat for instance. Coffee-drinking is popular. Gelato ice cream is for sale and popular. As a result many flavors are available. And children play. Also people stroll on streets from one piazza to another.

One of the most famous piazzas is Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy. Nearby is the Campo de’Fiori piazza. Piazza San Marco in Venice is also worth a visit. You don’t want to miss Piazza della Signoria in Florence. The large Piazza del Campo in Siena has the famous palio horse race.

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