New Orleans Magical French Quarter

New Orleans Magical French Quarter is filled with talent and each block offers a different and wonderful form of entertainment. At nearby Jackson Square you can  listen to great blues, learn your future from a tarot card reader, and watch a mime or magician entertain a delighted crowd.  There is never a dull moment.

The music is the true soul of the Quarter.
 New Orleans Street Musicians by Steve Harrington
The Blues

A trio of musicians in the French Quarter plays some fine hurtin’ music for cash. This trio uses a child’s potty chair to receive donations and has decorated it with fake dog poo. Who can resist donating to such quality sounds and wit!

French Quarter Art Print featuring the photograph Doreen's Jazz New Orleans 2 by Steve Harrington


Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans is a jazz group that preforms regularly at the corner of Royal and St Peter St in the French Quarter. Doreen Ketchens, the leader of the group, is called “Queen Clarinet”, “The female Louis Armstrong”, and “Lady Louie” by music critics. They have performed around the world and for four United States presidents. Here, Doreen’s husband Lawrence plays the trombone.

French Quarter Art Print featuring the photograph French Quarter Musicians Collage by Steve Harrington


In New Orleans Magical French Quarter the sounds of everything from jazz to country fill the air, often performed by world famous musicians.  Wander until you hear something you like, pull up a curb and let the music wash over you.

Antoine Art Print featuring the photograph Antoine by Steve Harrington

The Unexpected

Antoine is from France and has opened his own creative business on Royal Street in New Orleans Magical French Quarter.  He is using what surely must be  the world’s oldest typewriter, which creates its own special music.

From the French Quarter to your walls

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  1. Miss you, Steve. You were my friend and often mentor. Your photos of New Orleans were outta sight and WV pics, too. It was an honor to have you in my life! Blessings, Kath

  2. Well described with photos and words. You are so good at both,Steve, and you describe my city very well and beautifully! KK

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