Patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, Argentina

Patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, photograph by Eduardo José Accorinti

Patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, Argentina

You can see the sign with the spanish word “Frambuesa” on it, that means “Raspberry”. Click on the image to see how can you make this landscape part of your life.

This is an image of patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, a picturesque city full of enchant in the province of Río Negro (Black River in English), in Argentina. This rustic town has many attractions for tourists. It’s often visited by travelers who go to San Carlos de Bariloche, one of the most beautiful cities in the argentine patagonia.

If you love to breathe pure air surrounded by green landscapes and amazing views with mountains and lakes, you should visit Bariloche! From there you will be able to visit other equally beautiful places like Villa La Angostura in Neuquén, another province, and of course, these farmlands. They are part of a jam factory located right next to them. Many tourists visit it, often in guided visits, and there is even a beer factory very close that you can visit too.

The city of El Bolsón is like a small spot surrounded by huge mountains. These patagonian raspberry farmlands are located a bit further away from the center of the city; just a bit though. By the way, there are free samples of LOTS of different jams at the factory, so you can try as many as you want. Then you can buy if you want, and you probably should, they are delicious indeed 🙂

Lands of memories

I really like the lines of the farmlands guiding your view towards the huge snowy mountains in the background. This is a common view there, and it’s so magical! There are some rustic houses among the trees. The big white clouds in the blue sky make it even more beautiful to my eyes. This is the kind of places that I love the most.

The thing is.. these landscapes make me remember good things, they bring amazing memories back to my mind. Even if those memories have nothing to do with the landscape or place itself! Why is that? I can´t be sure. Maybe it´s just that I feel so good when I´m in front of them, that I can´t avoid to think about other moments in which I felt the same way.

Now I´m curious, does this happen to you too? Do these incredible landscapes and places bring to you memories that have nothing to do with them? Or is it just me? I would be happy to know, so feel free to answer the question in the comments 🙂

Bring the peace to your walls

Patagonian raspberry farmlands in El Bolsón, photograph by Eduardo José Accorinti
This landscape does well as a framed print with a rustic wooden frame. Click on the image to see all the customization options available to create your perfect print.

As usual, this image is available as art print for your home or office decoration on paper, canvas, acrylic, metal or wood. It can be printed onto several beautiful items too. There are actually lots of options to choose from in order to make it part of your life. That way you can have a bit of this place, a touch of its magic, right with you. I love how it looks on coffee mugs, shower curtains and fleece blankets, but there are many more items 🙂 You can see how would it look on your walls as a framed print on the image above. Click on it, and then you´ll be able to see your options and customize your perfect print. To see more images of the Argentine patagonia, click here.

I submitted this photograph to the following challenges:

Not because the mountain, although it could be, but because this landscape brings big feelings of happiness and peace to my soul, to: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Go Big!
Because of the beautiful patagonian raspberry farmlands showcased in the image 🙂 to: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Grow
And finally, because this kind of places create an illusion in which I live a beautiful past moment again, to: FOWC with Fandango — Illusion

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  1. A beautiful write up of a lovely place. Maybe wwe can visit one day. Till then enjoyed through your writing. Thanks

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