Rodney in the silent mode – A beautiful wreck boat in Harbor Grace Newfoundland

Rodney in the silent mode by Tatiana Travelways

Rodney in the silent mode is the title I gave to this picture, and I took it on the East Coast of Newfoundland.

Rodney in the silent mode - a wreck boat in Newfoundland by Tatiana Travelways

Rodney is a small fishing wooden row-boat built and used in Newfoundland by local fishermen. You can see them often floating in the small coves on the Atlantic coast. I also have several of these boats on my “Quiet Morning on Fogo Island Newfoundland” post.

It looks like this old Rodney has been abandoned on the side of the water after doing her duty for many years. The nature around took over and she was just abiding in her last resting place… but she was still beautiful. A Rodney in the silent mode… different huh…

Somehow I felt sentimentally attached to her and her condition and I thought to make her last forever, so I took her “portrait”.

Now, everyone can see her and even have her portrait framed on a wall. If you like her, click on the picture for more information on print types, sizes and prices:Rodney in the silent mode - framed art print by Tatiana Travelways

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2 Comments on “Rodney in the silent mode – A beautiful wreck boat in Harbor Grace Newfoundland

  1. love this pictures with all the contrasts, the red of the boat against the green grass; the decrepit boat falling apart against the vibrant living grass, manmade against nature — very cool

    • Thank you so much! Yes, man made and forgotten by time against the ever growing nature, taking over” 🙂

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