Slotzilla Zip Line Las Vegas – Zipping Over Fremont Street Experience

Slotzilla, Las Vegas

Slotzilla Zip Line in Las Vegas – zipping down from the largest slot machine in the world, a popular and safe activity for all ages.

Slotzilla Art Print featuring the photograph Slotzilla Las Vegas by Tatiana Travelways

What’s so cool about flying Slotzila Zip Line in Las Vegas

Slotzilla is not only the largest slot machine in the world, but it looks beautiful too It has a huge animated arm and video reels that simulate a real slot machine. It also features a martini glass drink, pink flamingo, large dice, coins and two typical Las Vegas showgirls.


Have you ever flown from inside a slot machine?


Now you can do it, and not just anywhere, but above the Fremont Street Experience, in Las Vegas! The 12 story zip-line tower is a feature that epitomizes Vegas and all that it has to offer.

  1. First, you zip down from the largest slot machine in the World
  2. You fly over the famous Fremont Street Experience
  3. Slozilla Zip Line is totally safe
  4. You can choose the difficulty level you want to try

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Slozilla Zip Line in Las Vegas is available as art print for wall decor, as well as Home decor and accessories – Click on the image to find out more about options, sizes and prices:

Slotzila zip line art print for wall decor

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