Sydney Skyline at Night

Sydney Skyline at Night by Kim Wilder Hinson

The Sydney skyline at night is magical with the lights of its iconic buildings and historic bridge reflecting in the river.

Since retiring, my husband and I have traveled nearly full time as house and cat sitters. Of course, I bring my camera along in hopes of recording some of the beauty we see around us.

Australia has always been on both our bucket lists. After saving lots of airline miles we could finally afford to go in 2018. Fortunately, we were approved for 12-month visas, allowing us to take our time exploring the country.

A few months into our stay, we decided to make a whirlwind four-day trip to Sydney. I’ve written a post on my Housesit The World site about some of the wonderful things to do and see in Sydney’s harbor area.

For the past year I’ve been practicing long-exposure photography. I couldn’t wait to try my hand at capturing the Sydney skyline at night. Just after sunset I set up across the river and waited for the perfect moment.

Sydney Skyline at Night by Kim Wilder Hinson

This panoramic photograph is the result. Leaving the shutter open for several seconds made the river’s water appear almost glassy, and the lights reflected so nicely on it. I hope it captures a little of this vibrant city’s beauty.

Sydney Skyline at Night can be printed on a variety of materials, but I think its colors really shine on acrylic. It is available for purchase in sizes ranging from 16” x 8.375” to as large as 60” x 31.125”.

Sydney Skyline at Night by Kim Wilder Hinson
Sydney Skyline at Night, shown here as a 60-inch-wide acrylic print, would look lovely over a large piece of furniture.


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