Europe – River Rhine at Twilight

River Rhine at Twilight  Watercolor Paintings by Sabina von Arx Summertime at the River Rhine The River Rhine (Latin: Rhenus, German: Rhein) is one of the major European rivers, which has its sources in Switzerland. It flows in …

Donaueschingen Danube River Spring

Donaueschingen Danube River Source

Donaueschingen Danube River Source – A place worth visiting. The top image of this post features “Donau Quelle” which is the German for Danube River Spring. For those who don’t know, Danube is the second biggest river in …

Uberlingen roofs by Tatiana Travelways

Überlingen Roofs Germany – Looking up at a bit of history

Uberlingen Roofs Germany (Überlingen in German) When traveling and wandering the streets of a city or town, I like to look up to see roofs, windows, towers and all kinds of architectural elements. People living in an urban …

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