The Beauty of Solo Travel

Empire State Building by Sharon Popek

Traveling alone is a double edged sword. The beauty of solo travel allows for a great deal of freedom. I decide where to go and when. I get to choose whether we walk or take transportation. Also, taking the stairs is always on the table. I am not a fan of elevators, but most people I travel with love them and insist on their use when available. I can eat what I want when I want. None of that, “didn’t we just eat?” business. However, as a woman, it is sometimes a little scary, especially after dark. But some chances I am willing to take.

I recently spent 5 days in New York City, alone. On Tuesday, I decided to go to Times Square and the Empire State Building. Times Square was fine. There were not that many people there at that time, so it was easy to get around and get some great photos. After that, I walked over to the Empire State Building. I entered the lobby, but did not want to go up. So many people in the elevators (one of the things I hate about elevators). I left after looking around a bit.

After a long afternoon nap (not an option when traveling with others, usually), I decided to go over and see it at night. There were not very many people there, so I decided to go ahead and go up. The elevator was empty! My lucky day, I guess. The view was magical with all the twinkling New York City lights below. Be sure to see some of those photos here.

After leaving, I turned around to look up at the top and noticed some nice clouds rolling in. The effect is dramatic and eye catching.

Empire State Building by Sharon Popek
Empire State Building at Night, the view from below. ©Sharon Popek

I would never have gotten this photo, if I were traveling with someone. We most likely would have gone up during the day or maybe not at all. Sometimes, I forget to look back when I’m traveling with someone. I get sidetracked talking about where to eat or what to do next. This was a great solo trip. I look forward to sharing more photos with you soon.

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