The Sbowbirds in Flight – The Royal Canadian Air Force

The Snowbirds in Flight

The Snowbirds in Flight, producing aerodynamic shaped patterns on the blue sky of Ottawa, Canada.

Snowbirds Art Print featuring the photograph Energy by Tatiana Travelways

A few years ago I had the chance to watch and of course photograph this fantastic acrobatic flight demonstration by the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The Snowbirds in Flight

Snowbirds Art Print featuring the photograph The Snowbirds by Tatiana Travelways

It was amazing to see the tremendous energy and the precision they had at that speed in the air…

Snowbirds Art Print featuring the photograph The Snowbirds by Tatiana Travelways

As a former pilot, my husband was simply delighted to see them.

The Snowbirds acrobatic demonstration in Ottawa, CanadaThe Snowbirds Looping Art Print by Tatiana Travelways

To me it was not only about the technical skills of these so courageous performers – what impressed me most was the whole artistic show they put on, like an aerial ballet…

The fact that the blue sky was partially covered with big cumulus clouds made everything even more interesting, and the Snowbirds in Flight were simply amazing!

Acrobatic Flight Art Print featuring the photograph The Snowbirds In Flight by Tatiana Travelways

I have a good telephoto, but still I had to crop the images a little to show the airplanes closer. They are all available as art prints in my Fine Art America collection, and they look nice as prints on the wall, but I think that these photos look better together…

That’s why I decided to make them into poster like collages. If you are a proud Canadian and want these images on your wall or as any another kind of print, click on any of them to see all the options. Here are the Snowbirds in Flight ready for your wall:

Snowbirds in flight posterThe Snowbirds in Flight posterAlso, check my other Canada Travel pictures

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15 Comments on “The Sbowbirds in Flight – The Royal Canadian Air Force

  1. wow I’m not even Canadian but this is stupendous! Their skill and precision, then your ability to capture it … congratulations you have real talent!

  2. Love the shots of their aerial dance, especially the last one that almost made a circle

  3. The collages look fantastic. It is an artistic as well as highly skilled display. Very impressive, my telephoto only goes to 250 so I’d be lost.

  4. Oh my goodness, I just love watching planes do amazing stunts and admire their bravery to do so. Thanks for posting these wonderful photos.

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