Utah Country Roads

Utah country road

Utah Country Roads

As we traveled a lot I was able to see and shoot a few country roads through villages, mountains, prairies and desert… This post will focus only on country roads we’ve been on in the USA, more specifically: the state of beautiful Utah. All the photos here are from our 2014 trip, coming down from Eastern Canada, going to Nevada.

It was a beautiful end of fall and I love to capture the muted warm colors with shades of gray at the changing of seasons.

  • I agree that many of my photos shown here were taken while driving on highways, but they were all in the country. So, even though they are not dirt roads, I consider them Utah country roads. – Click on them for a larger format!

I start with the Utah welcome sign on Hwy 191, the entrance to dinosaur country 🙂

Utah country roads: Utah Welcome Sign
Utah Welcome Sign

Heading toward the Flaming Gorge Reservoir area, Utah.

A gorgeous view of the mountains with some mist in the valley. What a great light, muted colors and shades of gray…  – it was at the end of October.

Utah country road heading the Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Utah country road heading toward the Flaming Gorge Reservoir

At the Flaming Gorge Reservoir (where we stopped for a few hour visit)

This is a dirt country road going down toward the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Again, I took it because I liked the contrasts between the yellow, beige and brown tones, and the blues of the water, mountains and sky. A beautiful sunny day at the end of October.

Utah Flaming Gorge Reservoir dirt road
Utah Flaming Gorge Reservoir dirt road
Crossing the Fishlake National Forest mountains.

After visiting the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area and the dam (Utah and Wyoming), we headed south. In the first few days of November we had to cross the mountains in the Fishlake National Forest area.

The weather changed and we’ve seen the first signs of winter…

Utah country road in the Fishlake National Forest mountains
Utah country road in the Fishlake National Forest mountains

Snow on sagebrush!

A beautiful thin layer or snow was covering the sage brush along the road  – Wow! Of course we had to stop and take some close-ups 🙂

[ezcol_1half]Sagebrush covered by snow on Utah country roads[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Sagebrush covered by snow on the Utah country roads[/ezcol_1half_end]

Going down after crossing the Rocky Mountains

We finally got out of the mountains. Here we are again at the end of the day, on a lower elevation prairie road.

Utah country road
Weaving glowing Utah country road

Time to find a place to sleep in the next town 🙂

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