The wall between USA and Mexico – Douglas, Arizona

The border wall in Douglas, Arizona

The wall between USA and Mexico is becoming a famous landmark of Americas 🙂

The wall between USA and Mexico in Douglas, Arizona - by Tatiana Travelways Douglas Arizona

I’m not involved in politics in any kind of way. I’m just an amateur photographer and because this is a “hot” subject  these days, I thought to take a shot if it 🙂 The picture shows the border wall between USA and Mexico in Douglas, Arizona.
*Warning, just in case…: There are powerful lampposts everywhere along the wall! 😉

Going in Mexico for shopping

We spent a few winter months in Southern Arizona, near Bisbee. About two times a month we went to Agua Prieta, Mexico to buy cheaper things like cigarettes, Tequila, and some other goodies… If you want to do the same, check this link for Prohibited and Restricted Items to bring back from Mexico.

BTW: when you go there, the best place for shopping is “Plaza Ley”. – Ley is a nice supermarket Walmart style with everything you need. After you cross the border you can take a taxi to go there. – It is not a good idea to drive without Mexican insurance. The cost of the cab is 50 pesos which is about $2-3 USD

* While at the supermarket you can use your debit/credit card, but for the taxi. It’s a good idea to have some cash. – You can change money in Douglas.

The fence wall between USA and Mexico in Douglas is not new, but part of a series of fences along the USA-Mexico border, dating back to 1994. – Read more on Mexico–United States barrier

This image has been featured in the Travel Art and other groups at Fine Art America. If you want a poster of it, just click on the picture to find out about print types, sizes and prices.

 The Wall Art Print by Tatiana Travelways



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  1. I have alluded to the the wall in my current and previous post and it just does not sit well with me. That doesn’t mean you can’t make money from it though – gongrats

  2. I live in Arizona and never thought to take a picture of the wall. The whole border issue is very difficult.

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