Backyard Friends digital art

Backyard Friends digital art

Backyard Friends Digital art in the Norman Rockwell style

Backyard Friends digital art

I took this photo in the backyard of a house we were staying in for a two-week vacation visiting Washington  State.

The owners had some cute and friendly chickens who liked to play, and as we like animals we didn’t mind 🙂 I liked the scene when they climbed on my husband’s feet and I told him to stay still , so I could take the photo. Fortunately he didn’t get any significant white spots on his shoes, ha, ha…

Backyard Friends Digital art in the Norman Rockwell style

Later on, there was a photographic contest in a group where I used to play all the time. The idea was to create an image in the Norman Rockwell style, I thought that the backyard friends scene with the tree cuties was just right 🙂

Here is what it can look like as a canvas print – perfect for a country home :). Click on it to see all the options:

Chicken Canvas Print featuring the photograph Friends by Tatiana Travelways

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  1. Love the coloring of these chicks. I usually think of chicks as bright yellow but these are russet and dun colored, still young though, not quite grown.

    • I know,.. they were nice looking. I also liked the color contrast with the blue of my husband gens 🙂 Thanks you for the comment.

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