Laundry day by the Atitlan lakeside, Guatemala

Laundry in Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala

Laundry day by the Atitlan lakeside, in Panajachel, Guatemala – Black and White photography

Laundry day by the Atitlan lakeside, Panajachel, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan (Atitlán) is a huge and beautiful lake in Guatemala – a very touristic place, especially for the North Americans.
It covers about 130.1 km2 (50.2 sq mi) with a medium depth of about 220 meters (720 ft), and it’s all surrounded by mountains and volcanoes.

I’m not too much into black and white photography and I have a lot of color photos of Lake Atitlan including the places around. However, I thought that these shots of women doing laundry by the lakeside would look more interesting as monochromatic photo-journalistic type of images.

Eco laundry in Lake Atitlan Guatemala

I took these photos in Panajachel, Guatemala, which is one of the most visited places in the country, due to the beauty of the lake and the nature.

Although the lake is huge, doing laundry in this water looked to me a little surprising. With all the motor boating activity, not to mention the hotels and restaurants discharging their waste water here, you can imagine … But this is Central America.

Laundry day by the Atitlan lakeside, in Panajachel, Guatemala

However, the lake looks very clean, and some people are even fishing here. I haven’t seen anybody swimming though…

Fishing Art Print featuring the photograph Fishing At Atitlan Lake, Guatemala by Tatiana Travelways

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  1. I love the gold tones in the top photo. Reminds me of the gold-toned photographs of Eugene Atget I saw at a museum. It’s richer than a sepia-tone.

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