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I am an avid traveler and an artist. While I love straight (not heavily retouched) photos, I do sometimes feel I’m taking the same photo over and over. When that happens, I like to challenge myself to try something different. Travel maps are a good way for me to combine my love of photography, travel, and maps at the same time creating something unique.

Travel Maps

In 2016, I traveled to Cuba. It changed my life in many ways. But we are talking about photography and creativity here, so let’s stay on track! As I was working the hundreds of images I had taken, I realized that many of them looked exactly like the images everyone else took. I wanted to change them up and do something different. I also love old maps. I always think of treasure and adventure when I see a map with age spots and faded lettering. Thus, my travel maps were born. Below find an early map and a more recent one. Each one gets better. But the first have a special place in my heart.

Destination Trinidad Travel Map
A travel map of Cuba, combining a map of the country and several photos that I took in Trinidad.


Budapest Fovaros Travel Map
This travel map features a photo of the Budapest Parliament building at sunset is combined with an antique map of city from 1884.

I find my maps to be a great way for me to combine my love of photography, travel, and maps. Each travel map is unique, creating a feeling of nostalgia using modern images and vintage maps.

I have created travel maps from Cuba, the British Isles, Central Europe, and the United States. To see all of my travel maps, visit 

7 Comments on “Creating Travel Maps

  1. Congratulations Sharon, your “Budapest Fovaros Travel Map” is our the featured image of the week in the Travel Art group of Fine Art America, and the new top banner of our homepage and Facebook group!

  2. Dear Sharon, these pictures (collages) are beautifully artistic with a bit of nostalgia and vintage style. What a perfect idea to turn “normal” holiday photos into something special!

  3. Dear Sharon, this is a great idea to give your photos that special touch of nostalgia and vintage look. A real artistic approach away from the ordinary “holiday picture”.

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