The Beauty of Playa Ancón, Cuba

Playa Ancon, Cuba
Playa Ancón, Cuba. Watercolor based on original photograph by Dawn Currie
Caribbean Sunset – Playa Ancón, Cuba

In central Cuba, nearby Trinidad are the tourist resorts of Playa Ancón. After the sun sets across the Caribbean Sea, the nightly cabaret show commences to the sound of breaking waves and Cuban rhythms. The lovely young ladies add color to the visitor’s experience as they earn money for their extended families. The vibrant colors of their garments reflect their character.

Aquerelle Art Print featuring the photograph Beauty In Yellow by Dawn Currie

Lonely Planet’s description is on point. “A ribbon of white beach on Sancti Spíritus’ iridescent Caribbean shoreline, Playa Ancón is often considered as the finest arc of sand on Cuba’s south coast… While it can’t compete with the north-coast giants of Varadero, Cayo Coco and Guardalavaca, Ancón has one trump card: Trinidad, Latin America’s sparkling colonial diamond, lies just 12km [7.5 mi] to the north.”

And so, we spent our days exploring Trinidad and relaxed at one of the all-inclusive resorts of Playa Ancón in the evenings. It was heaven! Balancing artistic endeavors with rest was a blessed endeavor. Consequently, the people and colors of Cuba have left a permanent mark on my heart. As time and distance pass the images become impressions, like watercolor paintings in the mind’s eye. These are but a few of the colorful images that compose the Cuban tapestry from rural areas to the cities. imagine these images in your home or office – they would be stunning!


Beauty in Yellow - Dancer from Playa Ancón, Cuba Caribbean Sunset by Dawn Currie 48 x 24 with custom frame

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